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INTERVIEWS by viviana marcela iriart

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JULIO CORTÁZAR: "One day in my life is always a beautiful thing, because I am very happy to be alive"

JULIO EMILIO MOLINÉ, co-director of the documentary Joan ​Baez in Latin America (1981) :  

'Joan Baez received death threats, and was banned, persecuted...' 



ELISA LERNER: “Solitude is the writer's homeland”



SUSY DEMBO, experimentation without limits: “it's alchemical, it’s magical”



NAVA SEMEL, interview beneath the missiles: ​And the Rat ​ Laughed with Jane Fonda



BEATRIZ IRIART: An Ostracized Poet



DINAPIERA DI DONATO: Venezuelan poet in New York



MARIANA RONDÓN: "During my childhood, I thought cinema was only one movie: Yellow Submarine"



Cover Photo: JULIO CORTÁZAR & Viviana Marcela Iriart by EDUARDO GAMONDÉS, Caracas 1979